The Janitors Puppies

I am the janitor at the McShwartz School for mentally ill children. ‘Nuff said. Every day I watch kids come in, and they most likely won’t come out in the same physical state they went in.  That happened to one kid, and when his father, a military General had heard he was coming out, he drove a tank to the school and obliterated his son the second he stepped out.  60 lonely years I’ve been at this school, deteriorating just like the kids.  My body and mind has changed, and I’ve had quite the life, if you’ll care to listen, I’ll share some of the things I’ve seen at this school, part of my every day job. Case 1: Jeremy Quinn: The blob [And the rat boy that nested inside of him] Eating disorders are not pleasant.  Jeremy earned the name ‘the blob’ in ways that would not surprise you, but it was his amazing ability to survive and react as a human, or, a NON human being healthily that always blew me away.  He didn’t come to this school with the eating disorder, he actually came to this school because he had a nervous tick that would often times end... Read more