Lost book from 1910 of Richard allen

my grandmother was moving out of her house in seaville New Jersy. the house was over 100 years old. We were going trough her bed room and discovered suffed nder an old and forgotten self was a black leathery srap book. the inside cover had a photograph of an african american man and under it it said “Richard allen February 14, 1760March 26, 1831. Inside had personal letters written to him letters to the church he created in phili in 1794 ( The AME church the oldest denomination among independent African-American churches.) and oter members of the church. We even found the original deed to the church!  we returned the book to the church. They had an musem about him too. One thing I found in the musem shocked me. In the book there was an evelope that said ” very vauleable, found behined trusties safe.  there was nothing in it though. But in the museum there was a safe labled trusties safe! I was realy shocked! No one knew how it got there.


very strange person. Good at drawing.

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