Fortunate Bad Luck in Online Poker Tournament

We all know how annoying a bad internet connection is when you’re playing online poker. Arrgh!

In this case, I had been playing a tournament for hours and navigated through a field of more than 4,000 players. I started ogling the numbers for the prize money and got really excited about all that I would be able to do with the money I was about to win.

Then this hand came around. A player in early position raised and I called with a pair of nines, hoping to either catch a nine for three-of-a-kind, or else using my position to steal the pot.

But then a player to my left re-raised pretty big. The initial raiser called and somehow I couldn’t find the willpower to fold my pair even though I probably should have, seeing that at least one of them probably had a higher pair.

So I called and the flop came T-9-4. Yippeeee, my luck was made. Now I would almost certainly be one of the last survivors in this big tournament.

The first player bet into the pot. I chose to just call, hoping that player 3 would fire it up so I could move all in next time it came around to me. Which he did, he put in the raise.

The first player raised again, and now I could comfortably just click on the All In button and wait for all the chips to come my way.

Then I lost my internet connection.

I clicked the button but the poker client didn’t react. It just kept counting down my time, telling me in the chat to hurry up.


I started clicking that button with the fever of a hamster locked up in a bucket of lemonade over the weekend.

“Pok3rKing, you have 15 seconds to act. Pok3rKing, you have 10 seconds to act. Pok3rKing, you have 5 seconds to act.”

The program started beeping at me, not giving a sh-t about my insane hammering on the mouse button, first, and then all buttons on the keyboard. And then the table, the chair, the walls. The floor.

My three-of-a-kind was folded eventually. I had put in a big chunk of money, I held the best hand and now it was folded and there was nothing I could do about it.

The other two players, on the other hand, managed to get all their money in – the lucky unknowing bastards. It was an absolutely huge pot and one of them would definitely take the lead in the tournament. It should have been me.

They turned over their cards and I saw the expected AA in the hands of the third player. The initial raiser had a lower pocket pair, T-T.

Oh my god, he had T-T! He had flopped a higher three-of-a-kind!

At that moment I realized that my bad luck was actually my fortune, and that you should be very careful what you ask for.

The guy with T-T learned the same lesson a few seconds later when there came an ace on the river.

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