The other day Joan and I went to the Commomwealth Market to pick up various groceries for the week.  When we  were about to leave I wanted to buy something semi-sweet so I decided to buy  some raisins.  All I could find were some in a clean plastic hand wrapped design.

The next day I wanted something sweet and Joan suggested I eat the raisins.  So I thought “yes, that’s what I want”.  So I grabbed them from our cabinet, then I started to eat.

They tasted crunchy because of the feeling against my teeth.  It was odd that raisins would feel that way, but I ate half of them anyway before offering some of them to Joan.  And at that time I realized that the raisins had seeds of which I had never experienced before. 

And just then I saw a strange and contorted look on Joan’s face.  She couldn’t understand either, why it felt like she was chewing on tiny stones and then asked me “whats up with the raisins”. 

 I just said, “I think they have seeds.”  This got me thinking.  Are these raisins seeded or seedful.

 So I thought about it.

  •  She needed a massage – special need for massage.
  • They wanted a banana – special want for a banana.
  • She craved ice cream – special need for craving
  • They laughed of stupid jokes -the laugh’s of special stupid jokes
  • He frowned at your behavior – special frown

 So I thought, there is nothing special about seeds in raisins that someone might want.  So were these raisins seedful??

Lets look and see.

  • Beautiful – full of beauty
  • Wonderful -full of  wonder
  • Awful – full of Awe
  • Hateful – full of hate
  • Thankfulness – full of thanks
  •  Seedful – full of  seeds 


That’s it!

Must be seedful.

Yes!  full of damn seeds.  Nothing positively special about it as it’s  negative to my thinking, but full of something, which I don’t like.

English craziness.

How about, “ness”

  • fearlessness  – without fear
  • hopelessness – without hope
  • Maybe you can say,  “seedlessness”,

To mention something that has an extremely to zero content of seeds.  It even sounds crazy, “seedlessness” he feels his raisins are seedlessness.

Oh yeah!

Joseph went off the deep end today so whats our next  lesson?

He wishes for seedlessness raisins because “less” just means less, but not


  • fearless – less fear
  • hopeless – less hope

Can that be correct, just a lesser amount of something or has “less” been converted to mean without, then seedless raisins would actually be correct.

What do you think and give your reasons why?

Use the dictionary to support your answer.

Use intellect and reason to also support your feelings and or opinions.


4 thoughts on “THE OTHER DAY

  1. Just so everybody knows, I didn’t leave that last comment, it was some other Bob.

    Un-seedlessness: the opposite of not being seedless, which brings us back to seedless.

  2. It’s OK Bob I’m going to give you another story soon called ONE WAY TO GET ON TV hope you like it WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF UN-SEEDLESSNESS DAMN !

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