Attack of the killer triangles

My first day of work and for the only time in my life, I can safely say I am looking forward to it. I look at the clock for what must have been the hundredth time and it is four thirty one. Precisely two minutes since I last looked. I decide I cant wait any longer and glance over at Sofia; who’s still fast asleep, and so I rise out of bed and creep out the room and into the bathroom. Staring into the mirror I smile at myself, proud of how yesterdays interview went. It has been my dream since childhood to be an astronomer and the meeting at the La Silla Paranal Observatory couldn’t have went better. The director was astounded with my curricula vitae and vast knowledge of the solar systems, and he said, “Santiago, it would be a dream for us to work together!” he also says it was a miracle that NASA had failed in their head hunt for me, and when could I start! My salary, Sofia had said, was also astronomical.

The drive through the Atacama desert is harsh on the old Suzuki Alto and I promise myself once the first wage arrives I will invest in a quality SUV. The desert itself is a strange old place and the random sculptures have always fascinated me. I pass one that appears to be a giant hand sticking out the ground and I wave, chortling to myself.

After meeting with my co-workers, I discover that I will be on this evenings shift myself and I am shown around the various controls and told what to record and so on.

Several hours pass and as I am studying out into space, I catch a moving object. How strange, and it doesn’t appear to be an asteroid or meteor as it is moving too fast. I try and zoom in on the shape and then suddenly I can make out another one and then another. It appears to be in the shape of a triangle. I decide to call Juan my superior.


“Hola Juan Its Santiago, sorry to call at this hour but there appears to be several objects flying close to our atmosphere,”

“Santiago, it is three am, cant this wait till morning?” the grumpy Juan replies.

“What exactly is it you see?” he asks.

“Er.. I’m not sure really…it appears to look like a flying…er how can I say”

“Spit it out man!”

“Well it looks like a ladies…a ladies genitalia?”

“Good God man! Have you lost your mind?”

“And sir, I can see over a dozen quim shaped objects now, it appears they are entering our atmosphere!”

“Okay calm down. There’s a red phone over on the workstation, I want you to go over and press the black button. It will put you directly through to the president, and I want you to explain the situation. He will alert the military. All I can say is to keep safe and keep a lookout. Okay?”

After the phone call I make my way on to the observatory roof, climbing the steel steps up onto the platform next to the very large telescope(VLT). The night appears to be calm when suddenly I see the first flashes tearing through the starlit sky. About a mile away there’s a farm and even from here I can hear the cattle’s unrest. An object of desire zooms down above the cows and I bring out my binoculars. My eyes stare in disbelief as the giant flower of eternal promises opens its mouth and starts to devour the cattle one by one, the perverseness of it all making me come out in a sweat. It turns to face in my direction and I am sure it is watching me as the hair on it stands on end. And in an instant its over to me, hovering gently in line with the telescope. Another appears next to it only this one seems to be shaven, only a thin line representing the map of Brazil on its upper part remains. The one who was eating the cattle moves closer to me, the blood dripping from its body reminding me of Sofia on her cycle, and it opens its lips as if to speak. I am surprised and scared to find I am erect and I feel my face flush as if it would know my true thoughts. I feel it has a power over me and can control me, much as it always has my whole life. It moves closer, its large clitoris emerging and begins to probe me. I am frozen with fear and lust and as it moves closer still, undressing my lower half, I feel I can hold on no longer. My mind and groin explode with pleasure and as if this is a cue, it devours me whole. My last thoughts, before I am no more, are drawn back to the bulls face before it was taken. I was sure I saw a grin.

The end.

Fray Bentos

I aim to make strange, normal.

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