Trent Malone & the Thai Incident

 I rarely attend book signings but something about Trent Malone intrigued me.  Besides his important sounding name, he was sort of a local legend. He was the white bohemian dude that liked to run with gangbangers. His graffiti consisting of haikus and politicians engaging in offensive sexual acts could be found all over the city. He had recently revealed in his book “Bruised Musings that Bleed out like Ebola.” that he surrounded himself with criminals because they could find any drug at any time. That and being with them made him feel like an individual. “I’m a real novelty with those boys in the ghetto. At the local coffee bar, guys like me are a dime a dozen.” He had written. I had always dreamed of running in to him and having a splendid conversation where I could be self-important and show off my own creativity and unique perspectives and then, you know, get him to fuck me. Perhaps this would be my day.Trent was sitting behind a table wearing thick black framed spectacles and smoking a cheap smelling cigar. Next to him was a bottle of wine and some kind of stinky cheese. His assistant was slicing up an... Read more