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If you like reading fiction, we have hundreds of stories in popular genres, with no advertisements, pop ups, or anything that could possibly generate revenue!

  • Here’s how it all started:
    • 20 years ago I was introduced to “The Frogman“.
    • 5 years later, I thought it was a shame no one else had ever read it, so with permission from the authors, I posted it online.
    • Later I thought, “Maybe other amateur writers have a short story that they thought was good, but no one else had read it.”  So I made the offer that if someone sends me their story, I’ll post it.
    • I didn’t know what I would end up with, but 12 years later I would describe the site as a collection of funny, unique & bizarre fiction.  In some cases the writing may not be text-book, but the idea’s are one of a kind..
    • Don’t let your masterpiece sit on a shelf.  Post your story!   
    • You can register with a social media login.
    • Cut and paste your story from a word document and your done.
    • Your fiction is yours, we don’t claim any rights, we just allow it to be shared.


Advertising your website:  We do not advertise on MyStrangeStories .com, but you can promote your site at no charge.  Put a link on your story…we don’t mind!

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