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We specialize in that odd-ball type fiction that you would have found in the old “Weird Tales” magazine and put it in a format that’s smart phone and tablet friendly!

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Remember “The Beaver” episode where he was reading “Weird Tales” and turns to his brother and says, “Gee Wally, why can’t I get a story in here, my stories are plenty good!”

I was so emotionally moved by that episode, that I ran to my PC with tears in my eyes and made My own Strange Stories website where anyone can join and publish a story online!

The writer gets published and the reader gets creative original fiction that can’t be found anywhere else in the world…EVERYBODY WINS!


Don’t let your masterpiece sit on a shelf.  Post your odd fiction today!


  • You can register with a social media login.
  • Captain obvious suggests you cut and paste your story from a document.
  • If your story obviously has no plot or if its just a sentence, like, “Yesterday I ate a piece of beef jerky and it tasted weird…THE END”  Chances are it could be removed.
  • We reserve the right to take anything offline that is not fiction, or that is so horribly bad we just can’t live with ourselves if we keep the post.
  • Your fiction is yours, we don’t claim any rights, we just allow it to be shared.

Advertising your MyStrangeStories.com:  Easy and hard.  Hard because we do not currently advertise on MyStrangeStories .com, we’re just that high and mighty.  Easy because if you’re a writer, you can promote your site at no charge.  Just put a link on your story page…we don’t mind!

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